Visionary Realities

I gave this story that title because of how the story is. It is about three women in their 30s and with different lives of their own. They don't know each other but through a woman who can take people back in time to a time in history they choose, they can reinvent history without changing the impact it has on the future.

These three women Auburn Beauty, Blonde Beauty and Gothic Beauty have things going for them in their lives that are monumental and the woman from above feels their hearts deserve a break.

Gothic does not let herself fall for anyone so she doesn't get hurt. Blonde fixates on the material things and dating. Auburn has a happy but very busy life with a husband and kids.

They meet through a chance encounter from getting an opportunity to vacate somewhere. The three of them share a luxury house with an amazing view.

Auburn continues to have very vivid dreams of a King that she learned about in history classes who was murdered. Whatever happens to her in the dreams is her reality when she wakes up but at the time, she and the other two are just mystified by the whole thing. Once Auburn, as the head maid the King favored and kept trying to sleep with even though he knew she's married, got beat up very badly by jealous women and when she woke up from the dream, she and her sheets were bloody. Once in the dreams, there was a torrential downpour of rain she got caught in and when she woke up, she was completely soaked as were her sheets.

The three of them had no clue why her dreams were so vivid. They met with the woman who brought them there. They thought she was loony. Eventually Auburn went to the address given on a card. It was there she discovered what this lady did. There was a catch though. All three women had to be a part of the time travel and had to agree on the time and place to travel to. The other two were reluctant for a while. Just because it was there for them to dabble with, did it mean they should dabble with it in the first place? Auburn reasoned with them that this may be the only way to discover her part in these dreams. The three of them figured maybe she was destined to stop the killer from killing the King.

They agreed. They went back in time after hearing the instructions. They only had so many days. After that, so as not to affect their real lives, she would bring them back. They were to save the King and that's it.

Gothic, Auburn and Blonde all travel back in time to medieval times. They all had elaborate fashions and threads - gothic, ordinary, and King-requested. None of them knew where to begin except just to keep an ear and eye open. Auburn was familiar with the layout of the land because of her dreams.

Blonde who in reality adorned herself and beautified herself for the men was more ordinary. Gothic who locked her heart up tight in reality to romance found romance with a peasant man and fell in love. Auburn kept trying to find out who was trying to kill the King and at the same time thwart the King's advances.

Their time was coming to an end and no one had a clue between the three of them. They wandered past the poisonous mushrooms as was their routine, but this time did a frantic return to the mushrooms. One had been freshly cut. Panic stricken because neither of them knew when it had been cut, they raced as fast as they could on their feet in their big gowns to save the King from being killed.

They got there just in time. The King was about to have mushroom soup. The girls ordered the guards to grab the killer who was trying to get away. The King tried again to woo Auburn to no avail. She told him about their time travel and how they knew he was gonna get killed and came back to stop it.

No sooner had this finished than all three found them back in their own time with this other woman. Gothic bawled her eyes out and the other woman was sad for her. It was the only time Gothic had let herself fall for a man and it ended.

They returned to their regular lives with new perspectives in their day-to-day living and peace in their hearts.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
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Sep 5, 2012