The Pudding Is the Proof

I have always enjoyed reading because it allows me to sample new ideas and to meet like-minded and unalike-minded people.

I prefer reading fiction, but hasten to add that I don't believe that anything is fictional. Anything that a writer can imagine is real in some dimension; otherwise, the writer couldn't have imagined it.

Non-fictional literature can be stimulating also if the authors constrain themselves to stating their ideas without elaboration. For instance, I read articles on quantum mechanics and string theory for their expansive concepts, but have no need of, or patience for, the development of mathematical proofs.

We sort of get it, so please don't beat it to death.

And if tomorrow it looks like you were wrong, that's OK; we will welcome your new truths.

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1 Response Mar 28, 2009

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading this, my friend :)