I Am A Ghost Freak!

Ever since I was a kid I have a fascination with ghosts. Mostly because I have seen, felt and heard them. I grew up living on the first floor of my parent's apartment on the North side of Chicago and the place was haunted. Every night at midnight the door from the porch on the second floor would open and someone would walk down the stairs. The footsteps would stop at the downstairs door, open the door, then close the door and head right back up to the door upstairs on the second floor. Me and my brother would hear the footsteps every night. The funny thing was that no one lived upstairs when this was occuring.

We had family members and neighbors who never believed us until they actually spent the night at our place. Oh yeah..some would spend the night all the time and others were there for a first and last time only..lmao. too funny.

As you can tell I am not afraid of ghosts at all. As a matter of fact, I welcome the ghostly expereince and would love to actually be part of a ghost hunt some time in my life.

I had the pleasure of boarding the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA 2 weeks ago and it was quite an experience. You can feel the ghostly energy everywhere on the ship. It was amazing.

But this group is about reading ghost story books and my oh my have I read many. I have quite a collection of books. The very first ghost story book I read wasn't even a ghost story as it happened in real life, but the book is the Amityville Horror by Jan Anson. If you want to read a book that will truly give you chills, that is the book for you. Happy reading to all the ghost book fans. I would love to know what very scary books are out there to read.
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I love reading Troy Taylor's books. He does thorough research and presents material in a good way. Not an book about hauntings, per say but "And Hell Followed with It" by Troy is a great read!