A Sighting

Growing up our family was very poor and there were times that my mom would find herself borrowing money at the end of the month just to feed us kids. It must have been around the first of the month sometime in the summer of 1980. I was seven years old and me and my brother were outside playing as the sun went down around us. We lived in a trailer park in Hindsdale NY. The evenings were warm and we were always chasing fireflies or praying mantise. My mom came out and handed me an opened box of cereal she had bought earlier, apparently she either owed it to the neighbors up the way or the they simply asked her to pick it up for her earlier in the day.Either way my mom asked me to take it up to them as she sat down on the steps and lit a cigarette. No problem, I felt very comfortable in my surroundings. There were lots of kids to play with and even the trailer I was going to had two girls about my age. So I went along my merry way, not a care in the world and I saw the trailer just ahead. So I headed towards it, But then I saw something in the front bay window in the kitchen, something that terrified me so deeply I couldn't even move. When I say I couldnt move I mean I was litterly paralyzed by fear. What I saw was no less than a demon and it looked straight into me. Not at me but INTO me. And that was the longest moment in my entire life. I couldnt move so I couldnt break free from staring at something that had escaped the depths of hell. I dont know how but somehow I dropped that box of cereal and it mustve broke my trance.And I ran, I ran like the devil himself were chasing me,because from what I saw he was. I ran into my trailer and I grabbed my mom and my brother came running in from the front yard behind me to see what was happening. I couldnt talk for a second.I like stammered and stuttered and I have never done that.My mom sat me down in a kitchen chair then headed towards the door, the door where I had just narrowly escaped something so evil I was going insane just trying to explain it and thats when I got it out,"Dont go out there,theres a monster!" I was sure he would kill my momma but she assured me she wasnt going out there.She was just locking the door.Then I remember her carressing my hair and pushing it way back off my for head as I tried to descibe what I saw.She tried to call the neighbors but no one answered the phone so she waited and called them the next day. Apparently they had been out bowling the evening before.My mom was looking for a rational explanation so she asked if they were playing dress up or anything before they went out.My mom never got the rational explanation she was so hoping for.But then again I knew she wouldnt.I knew because I FELT him.A couple days later mom took us all over there for a visit when the sun was shining of course.I dont remember being scared while visiting there but I do have a chrystal clear recolection of playing with their daughters. We were sitting on the bed playing with dolls and the girls were in pajamas.Odd that I remeber that so clearly.Sometimes I wonder if at that exact moment the demon wasnt annalyzing me,standing over me and hoping that I would see him again.My brother took me up there last year. The old trailer park looks the same. I made my way up to that trailer and stood in the spot in the driveway where it all happened.It all seemed so unmenacing as I srared into that same window wondering if IT was there staring back at me and for some reason my eyes just went blind from things like that. Thirty years have passed and I have never seen anything else but I do believe because I saw something a very long time ago that I will never forget.  

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Nice experience. Somehow I envy you having this experience.

Thank you!! for sharing this post, my young friend! :-) I remember my mother relating an experience she once had many years ago!, before i was born,. When my father and her, were first married, they lived in an old condemed cobbler's shop!, well this night, my mother was in bed alone as my father was working continental shifts, so he was nights,. My mother said she was in bed, reading as she, had always done!, when something caught her eye! this thing was in the top corner of the room, and it was looking at her, she said it was only a head she could see! but, it was the eyes that really frightened her! they were blood red and i mean blood red! she was rigid with fear! then, she said it disappeared as quickly as it came,. My mother always swore it was the "Devil" himself she saw that night!!!