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A couple of months back I was lying on the couch getting comfy for an afternoon nap. My kiddos were in their bedroom which is on the other side of the wall i was facing. I could hear them giggling and telling jokes to one another and it made me smile to hear them getting along so well. (which seems to be a rarity now days for they are 9 and 8) As they conversated back and forth, I heard something else. From directly behind me I heard a tiny little voice say, "Mommy?" I froze as I frantically tried to listen for what my kids were saying. They were now discussing how gross school lunches are, and then the little voice called again, "mommy?" It was so close i quickly turned over to face the direction it had come from.. all i could see was my empty living room and kitchen. Unnerved i got up and found something to do to preoccupy my mind as i purposefully ignored that i had just experienced the strange happening. This was not the first nor the last time that happened. Once while working in an ambulance station i heard someone whisper "help". Other times the voice would call my name. When i was little and i ignored it it would say it louder. My mother told me not to answer the voice and to pretend it wasnt speaking and so i have ever time it happens. it doesnt happen very often but on rare occasions it does and i just play like i dont hear it. Still i have always wondered what it could be and why it chose me to bother. I live in Louisiana so i come from a very superstitious family which is why my mother was so adament about not acknowledging what ever this is. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them?
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I have always tried to ignoring it the fist few times i heard a childs voice but then awnserd it. That was one of those desicions that i regreted after time. i found that it started because i knew there was a child that died on the property was being built, so i thought no big deal. It then turned into something more dark. Had an investigator that came in along with my daughter that said it was not that of a little girl, but that of a spirit that was much worse. We now just live with them, we have several spirits in the house we live in now. So kkep with the advise that mom knows best and ignore the voice if you can.

That's spooky; does this still go on?

Yes it does. Not as often as it once did btu it still happens. What started as again i thought childs ply turned into it mimmicking my daughters voice, my sons, and my wifes' voice. Now when i hear it i go to the room there in and ask them i dont just say what?

One time I was babysitting one of my friends child. And I was sitting on the couch after making dinner and underneath a closet door I saw a glowing light, but when I tried to open it, the door was locked... So I asked Ben, the child I was watching and I asked "Did your mommy get a fish/fish tank?" He said no... And the same night that, that happened the ceiling fan was on. It makes a really loud noise when its on. Half way through a movie, I said "That fan is getting really annoying!" I basically yelled it. And whatever the noise was, stopped. It was one of the most scariest nights of my life.

well sometimes we imagine things but because sometimes we always think abour our kids affect us so much and i guess it really bothered everyone else if the kids is having problems of any kind....so it reflects to your minds...

I have awoken in the middle of the night by hearing my childs voice say mommy.<br />
checked on her and she was sound asleep. i have felt something was wrong or"OFF"<br />
before and always find something has gone wrong or has happened to a loved one. always listen, just don't respond. these are warnings sometimes from angels and God, sometimes they are demons trying to scare you. Never ignore intuition or things of that manner. Sometimes it will freak you out, but think of the consequence if you don't listen and something happens you could have avoided. Always check on your kids first though. Usually when i get a bad feeling my kid is sick in the middle of the night. Once i had a horrible feeling all day, it was like waiting on a huge storm to strike. I came across a car wreck on the way home of which was my in-laws and daughter had been involved in. They were supposed to have picked her up from school and on the way home someone hit them. Thank God everyone was okay

while lying on a couch at my friend's house (not close to sleep or trying to) i heard wind approach me (windows closed) and then a ghost walked towards me (heard footsteps) i have posted the whole story here : <a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Have-Had-A-Ghost-Encounter/2097330" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
<br />
it was not the floor/house settling. it was actually footsteps. it scares me knowing the ghost could do something physical.

it is scary to think that something could do something to you and it also has the added advantage that you cant do anything to it to defend yourself.

yes, thats exactly what i think about since that day. especially since it was so vivid and real and i was so strong a skeptic. btw...dont chase voices

agreed i will not chase any strange voices :)