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I am a member of this site in many different groups chatting, and I just happened to fall up on this one!!! I too love ghosts, demons, hauntings, and LOVE to read about true ghost stories, and hauntings. I noticed that many people in this group do as well... I just wanted you all to check out a new site that I started for people who want to join a paranormal book club, or chat on the paranormal forums about their experiences, or who of course are looking for TERRIFYING I have recently read some pretty frightening accounts that I highly recommend!!! If you are interested let me know what you like specifically because their are so many categories to choose from!

troubled31 troubled31
1 Response May 5, 2008

Even though it freaks me out... I love ghost stories and things. Especially, when I watch the shows on tv. When I was younger I saw spirits, but after I became a Christian I did not anymore... I'm not complaining.