I Spend Hours With This.

I have spent hours looking up true ghosts stories. Some are pretty interesting. I don't know why I am so infatuated with all this stuff. I guess I want to learn about a world within ours. Some don't believe but I can believe anything. Now don't get me wrong I am not naive to believe EVERYTHING. That would just be sad. I just usually can sense when there is a truth to a story and what lies beyond the unknown..........
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haha same here

we who are intrested are maybe different or more sensitive to the spirits.

That probably is very true.

I'm very interested in the √°fterlife' stuff too...there's a supposed haunted restaurant down the street from me...i'm dying to go check it out for myself...apparently coffee pots fly off their holders all the time, and the ladies washroom has a ghost who holds the stall door shut even if no one is in there....love it!!

Wow that sounds pretty cool. If you do check it out I would love for you to share you story with me.=)

Hi Tara,<br />
at times I have OCD about this,<br />
One home we own was built in 1916, a farm house..I knew the first owners when I was a child<br />
My parents were the second owners and I purchased it from them.<br />
Nothing has ever happened there.. <br />
Nothing..<br />
It is bright and just has a warm feeling to it<br />
but there are footsteps and two doors will open/close <br />
I remodeled the home, down to the studs<br />
rehung the doors. plumb & level<br />
Ya it was difficult to keep a babysitter when the kids were young<br />
( teenagers get spooked easy I suppose)<br />
and I would really like to understand why people hear footsteps <br />
and those two doors have a mind of their own.

It actually might be because something happened where the house was built. Land can also be haunted as well. The doors I could occasionally see as maybe a draft in the house but the footsteps. So if thier was ghosts on that land they will now be haunting the house. I'm not a pro at knowing but I watch more than just ghost hunters. I don't know what else to tell you. Did these things only happen to you or your parents as well?

Thanks for the reply Tara,
it has been a family joke, even our friends have a laugh at our "spook"
fyi after I got married one of the doors opened and my Bride said basically, knock it off-I want it closed..and it did
whoops..last time she spoke to it
ya I know..hard to believe