Fossilized Ghost Discovered

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Fossilized Ghost discovered
By Dr. Ryan Badder
BILLINGS, MONTANA--Stunned archeologists turned to the paranormal society to find answers pertaining to their latest discovery. Recently unearthed deposits of ectoplasm have been found in the fossil beds of North America and have put the scientific community on the brink of rewriting history.

The newest findings took place earlier this year when archeologist Dr. Virginia Smith took a more in-depth look at what appeared to be void bubbles in dense rock beds and tar pits. Dr. Smith released this report to the National Association of Preserved History.

“The vision of a Great Wholly Mammoth being trapped and eventually succumbing to yesterdays tar pits is commonplace in archeology. We’ve uncovered almost every type of beast throughout history in tar pits. These pits have afforded us with our best preserved examples of animals long lost to us and this planet. It was also well known that these tar pits would trap air bubbles, essentially leaving us with void areas in rock. Never thinking twice about these voids, we passed over them time and time again throughout the history of excavation. This held true until March of this year, when in an attempt to gauge air quality, we tested one of these voids. What we found was something that neither I, nor any of my colleagues, had ever come across before. Upon taking scrapings from the void, we found a crystalline substance that gave us more questions than answers. Through extensive study, we simply came up short. We eliminated everything and came up with nothing and I’m a little embarrassed to say what we tried next was more than a little controversial. But it is what it is.

Without further avenue, I called in some “alternative” experts to help us. These experts deal in the realm of parapsychology, crypto zoology and the paranormal. The conclusion they came to was the matter we took from the void was ectoplasm. When I asked exactly what ectoplasm was I thought we may be going in a direction that was more sci-fi than sci, but after some long nights and mounds and mounds of evidence, I was convinced. Ectoplasm is a manifested energy mass that is theoretically linked to ghosts. Being a more grounded scientist, I tied to look at the conclusions from all angles. The first link came when we discovered that the crystalline substance was pure energy reminisce containing trace amounts of an unknown acid. The second came when the substance reacted to electricity. When we put any power source near the fossil, it would instantly put a drain on the system. Batteries would drain and lights would flicker. In essence, the ectoplasm was becoming active. When given enough energy, we discovered that some of the ectoplasm completely dissolved. What was released we don’t know. It may have been an anomaly or we could have freed something that had been trapped for thousands and thousands of years. Either way, we are going back to all the void bubbles and seeing what we can find.”

We have since learned that Dr. Smith has activated over 200 fossilized void bubbles in an effort to find out what she is truly looking at. She has noted that there have been more than a few strange happenings around her lab. She reports odd noises and seemingly playful entities come forth. Although she will not say the word ghost or haunting, it is obvious that she is leaning in that direction. Her colleague have told us that she seems determined to free any being from its rock prison. Unbelievably, the paranormal community has come out against Dr. Smith. Despite the fact that they believe that Smith is freeing encased ghosts, they are cautious as to how the ghosts will react to the new world they are being forced into and the psychological effects that, that many years of imprisonment would have. They have also stated that it is a possibility that these spirits were imprisoned for a reason. They point to the fact that former civilizations were much more involved in the supernatural and may have had a way to capture unwanted entities or poltergeists. On the other hand, it may be an entirely new species, one that lived in a state of complete energy, and one that died out with the dinosaurs.

So what is the balance here? Do we take the side of the doctor that doesn’t know what she is unleashing onto the world or do we take the more conservative side of the paranormal society and leave them to their destinies? It would seem cruel to leave an entity; human, post-human or unknown species, in a prison for eternity but what if what we find replaces us on the top of the food chain? Could we be the next race encrusted in rock?
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Jun 25, 2012