A Gettysburg Ghost

We went on vacation to Gettysburg Pa. When i heard of EVPS i decided to try it .. My son who was about 7 years old was wanting to go to Devils Den with me . Sso around 5 in the morning we got up and dressed and headed out there . when we arrived i explained to him that he could not talk all thru the evp so he said he knew that . As i was talking to him i was saying his name i dont know if that had anything to do with it but we walked down around plum run and up thru the top field and back to the car as i got there i asked my son if he wanted to listen to it now or later he said now . As i turned on my recorder which was new to my surprise there was a southern sounding voice of a younger boy he was actually asking us a question . when i told my son at the beginning that he needed to be quiet .. we had a response from the young boy he said if im not quiet ya all want me to leave i couldnt believe it . I do believe it was maybe a drummer boy or bugle boy because the voice was young sounding .. Now we go everywhere and get alot .. We have good nights and bad nights but we still all go and believe
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Did your son feel anything?

somewhat surprised you would expose your young son to this,,not something i would want to expose my kid to,,he is a child..not your buddy..your son