Pervert Ghost

A few days ago I was in my room cleaning the TV along with the TV stand. The bed was a footstep a way so i sit down for about 3 seconds and got back up. After cleaning, I went to go lay down and where I was resting my feet which is exactly where i was sitting for that short 3 seconds i felt a warm spot in that same corner. It felt so warm as if someone was sitting there for a few hours. I knew damn well that I couldn't of been the one to create this warm spot because i literally only sat down for a short while. I thought to myself WHAT THE HELL KINDA STRANGE **** IS THIS?!?!! I knew I was tired from cleaning all day so i thought maybe I was imagining things.. so i took a quick test and sit down on the bed in another area for about 1 minute to see if i could create the same warm spot but it after i got up and layed my hand there i felt nothing.

Couple hours later I went back in my room to lay down to catch the Olympics. Wrapped in my sheets i felt something slowly heading towards my waist. Man i jumped up so high assuming it was a cockroach that you would of thought i was competing for a gold metal in London. Quickly i turned on the lights to see what the hell that was just to realize that nothing was there.

The next day i went into the living room to use the computer. I had on a lightweight mini skirt that could easily lift up with some breeze from the fan nearby. As i had my face turned towards the computer I felt my skirt slowly lifting up as if someone's hand was working its way trying to see some vagina. Anyways, I jumped up thinking it was a bug again and screamed.. ran into the mirror to see if anything was on me.. just to realize that nothing was there. I thought "Only a hand itself could lift up my skirt that way rather a small bug." .. What was even weird is that the fan was turned off the whole time.

Two men died here a couple years ago and possibly more that i don't know about so i know spirits could be roaming the apartment from time to time. I think I attracted a horny ghost!
kimmyfashion kimmyfashion 22-25, F 2 Responses Aug 3, 2012

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read up on sukkubus and inkubus. If you don't want them then have the house blessed and say loudly that you don't want them around.

Lmfao Kim I love you girl! I was so into this story, very desc<x>riptive. Scary, but desc<x>riptive. Ohh shoot, you're attracting ghosts now. Horny ones at that! That's some freaky s@#! right there girlie.