Ghost Pets

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HOLLYWOOD, CA---If there wasn’t enough strange things going on in Hollywood already, get ready. We found a lady that goes by the name of Madame Isabella. Madame Isabella claims that she has a unique psychic ability, one that allows her to communicate with dead pets and she wants to help you train your deceased pets so you can both live out your years together.

Well, hearing the claims and having recently lost my 16 year old Tabby-Cat, Jester, I contacted Madame Isabella and set up a meeting.

Walking into her establishment one would think you stepped into old world Romania. She claimed to have both Gypsy and African roots and proudly displayed artifacts from both. If you could handle the abundance of incense and the actual heat of what looked to be thousands of candles all light, then you were escorted to her chamber. The round table, crystal ball and chimes on the wall almost made me LOL. But I held it together and proceeded.

Madame Isabella told me about her service, how she would make contact with my lost pet and bring us back together. Then for a continued service she would invite me back for weekly sessions and show me how to interact with my lost pal and even how to train it. I have to admit, initially it sounded novel, I mean who in the world does this. I thought about how many of her patrons were at home at that precise moment talking to the empty couch next to them as if Fido was still resting next to them. But all in all, if it gave those people, peace of mind, so be it.

I sat across from the Madame and she grabbed my hand. She asked me to say nothing but to simply stare into her eyes then look to the ground as if I expected my pet to come to me. I did exactly that. I was all in. I looked directly at her then I looked to the floor. I even thought to myself, “Come on Jester, come here. Momma’s got a treat.” I repeated this mantra to Jester many days. He loved treats, I loved that he would come to me. So, I repeated my statement to Jester in my head one more time, but this time, Madame Isabella repeated it with me but out loud.

Looking blankly at her, I wondered if I somehow said what I was thinking aloud, but I know I didn’t. How was this possible, I thought. Madame Isabella then repeated my plea to Jester and her table moved as if something landed on it. I immediately looked under the table for some kind of wobble or her simply kicking it. She sat plenty far away and it was a sturdy table. Madame then looked at me and said, “He’s a beautiful Tabby and he misses you greatly.” Now, I didn’t tell her that it was a cat or it was a Tabby nor did I say the name Jester beforehand. Something was strange but I thought, maybe, somehow I was giving off information or she knew something about me ahead of time. I think it was the skeptic in me, but how?

Madame Isabella went on to tell me that Jester felt bad for having to leave me and he missed the walks with me, even if I had to pin him down for the brace. I thought this was strange to hear also, because I am one of the only people I know who actually put a harness on my cat and walked him. I started to believe but I needed more. I asked her about Jester’s appearance and she told me he was missing a little chunk out of his left ear and asked me how it happened. OH MY GOD, Jester was in a scrap as a kitten more than 15 years ago and lost a part of his ear. There was no way for her to know it. I was all in at this point. I know she knew too because I couldn’t stop the tears. And the moment I let that first tear drop, I felt a familiar brush up against my leg.

In the weeks to come I sat down with Madame Isabella and learned to interact with my dead pet, or my revisiting pet as it has now become known to me. It might sound silly, but it is as simple as belief. I speak with him and feel him around me. My bed now has an imprint that I was used to seeing and the table jumps out of place every once in a while. Madame Isabella told me to act as normal as I can, even stroke the air so Jester might feel more at home. She assures me that he comes to my hand and will be put at ease. She also told me to put down some food and water for him. He of course never eats it, but I still feel the love from him. You may not believe, I sure didn’t when I went into this, but Jester’s back.
ricknaub ricknaub
Aug 15, 2012