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One of my true stories.

            The Old House This is a story my mother used to tell and retell of the old house that was so haunted no one could live in it...least wise not for long. Then we moved in.   Seems there was this very old house no one could live in for very long. The people moved in and just as fast they moved right out again. No one could understand why? It was an old house for sure but not that bad. But then that was before we moved into it ourselves.   My mom and dad weren't wealthy by a long shot but we always had enough. Now it seems we had a chance to move into this really neat old house that normally would have been out of our price range but for some strange reason this really nice BIG OLD HOUSE was right in our price range?    Well, as you may have guessed, it didn't take long to find out just why this old house was always empty and now suddenly within our price range as a rental.    My family was a large family of 5 boys and one girl and after the first night in this old house I found myself suddenly wishing the place wasn't so big or affordable.    I had never really had a bedroom all to myself before and now as it turns out I still didn't. Not only did I hear footsteps walking across my bedroom floor all hours of the night I found I couldn't keep the door open either. Whenever I would get up and open the door it would always slam shut before I could make it back into bed. I would usually give up and run into my brother's bedrooms and get in bed between him and the wall (my favorite safe spot). You see my thinking was if anything came in it would get him first and while he was kicking and screaming I would run for help. (Yeah...Right!)   Strangest thing was when morning came things were great in the light of day. But man did we ever dread the coming of the nights.    My mother told us of one of those many nights of hearing a clop, clop, clop across the long wooden porch that stretched all around the house ending at a large door that led right into the living room.   The neighbor’s mule was surely making this noise.  He must have gotten out of his stall and was now making this noise by walking around on the porch.    The clopping noise got louder and louder and LOUDER until it was right outside the door when suddenly it just stopped... then just when you thought it was gone, "BAM"... it sounded just like the mule had hauled off and kicked in the door with both hind feet.   My dad would run out and look around but nothing! Not even so much as a scratch on the door where it sounded like a sledgehammer had just hit it.   That was it! My folks decided it was time to start looking for another house.   My mother told us of one of many nights just before we moved out of seeing a huge red ball of fire rolling across the porch and slamming into the same living room door and then just disappearing in a huge puff of black smoke and when they would take a closer look at the door.... nothing, not even a singe or blister in the paint.     And then they would go back inside to lock all the doors it would never fail.... at the stroke of midnight they would watch this one particular door that was the focus of all the attention suddenly unlock and swing wide open.     Mom said she was always afraid of what would be standing there waiting to come in some dark night but they never saw anyone or anything at the door and yet they knew something or someone was there they could just sense it.   The very night before we were to move out to the new place my mother decided to fix this Ghost once and for all.   The door had an old thumb latch that had to be pressed down before it would unlatch and open so she took a long piece of string and tied it through the door latch and tied it in about 15 tight knots so it could in no way be opened.   But then at the very stroke of midnight once again they heard the familiar clop, clop, clop as it approached the door. Everyone watched in HORROR as the ghostly visitor stopped right outside the door and then...silence, silence like the grave at what seemed to last forever and then "BAM" like a clap of thunder that almost deafened everyone it hit the door and as everybody watched frozen in terror the thumb latch flicked, but the door couldn't be unlatched.   My mother sighed a sigh of relief and thought she had finally outwitted this ghost once and for all and on our very last night in this old house.   That is until one by one the knots all began to each slowly begin to untie.   Everyone watched and saw the same thing as one by one each and every single began to move. Each of the 15 knots had slowly begun to untie themselves as though by invisible hands and then with the untying of the last knot the string fell to the floor. And then slowly, ever so slowly the old door latch flicked up and the door began to swing wide open.   I think every one's hearts skipped a beat or two on that one. But once again no one was there only the distant sound of a whippoorwill and a steady breeze in the night interrupted by a lonely old bullfrog calling for a mate.   I must tell you that was one very loooonnnnnggggg night. But come the day my folks were true to their word and we were out of that old house for good.   We later found out that the story of the old house. Seems it had been built by a man who had murdered his entire family and then hung himself from the living room rafters all at the stroke of midnight.   That's right the very same rafters of the living room at the end of the porch right where the haunted door was.   We did hold one distinct honor though. We held the record for having stayed in the old house longer than any other occupants before us, by at least 3 days.    The End? Who knows? They finally had to tear the old place down because no one else would move into it again after we moved out. Guess folks just figured if we couldn't take it with all the ruckus of the wild bunch no one could.
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Very strange things happen in houses makes you wonder whats going on, thanks for sharing your story.

Great story really enjoyed it thank you

Great story, thanks for sharing!

this is a really good story.