Woman In White Dream Marks

Hi. Before I share anything about the paranormal side of my life, I want to make it clear that I'm not here to entertain anyone by making up a bunch of crap that isn't likely to be real and fool people into believing it. Anything I share personal or otherwise (stories of friends or other people I know), is to my understanding and those who witnessed it, very real. I have no reason to lie about something that I see and experience every day of my life and have since I was too young too understand what was happening.

That aside, I hope you find understanding and help in what I share and that if your mind isn't open yet, I might open it.

Ok, so when I was younger, I was always moving back and forth from my parents house, from dads, then back to moms...anyway, I was about 14 and ended up at my mothers again. I'd usually switch rooms when I got moved back in to either place, rather than use the one I had when I stayed there before...because by the time I got back it was turned into a study or was being used for something else. Well this time back, my room was to be in the basement, and I mean, cement walls, cement floors, no windows, pitch black when the lights went out. My bed was all the way in the back corner where it was the darkest with only a pull-string light which was directly over the bed.

I was sleeping and dreaming...or so it felt like a dream, dreaming of the house I lived in then, and walking around, and everything was the same, except when I went upstairs into the living room, I saw a black spiral staircase, which isn't supposed to be there outside of the dream, leading up to a higher level in the right side corner of the room, well there is no higher level in the house that you could access from that point. I walked toward the staircase and as I got closer, small children began to manifest on the stairs, sitting on the edge with their feet hanging off the side and watching me, they were ghosts, so was the feeling I got seeing them and being near them, they were holding cans of peaches, but they didn't say anything, they seemed rather content. I walked up the stairs, and when I got to the level they lead to, it opened up into a small, kind of apartment hallway, with three doors in front of me, and three other kids, a little older, walking around, and I asked one of the kids something, and he replied and got mad and slammed the door of the room he was nearest, and as soon as the door slammed I was found myself standing in an abandon parking lot, much like one just down the street from my dads house. it was quiet, no people or cars around, nothing, and I turned around, and as I did, I saw a woman in white standing there watching at me, white dress, white hair, white skin, and she she looked really mad, and she put her hands on my face and I woke up, and as I was coming out of the dream I could still feel her hands on my face, and they stayed there until I reached up and turned the light on, then it went away.

Well I went upstairs into the bathroom to look in the mirror cause my face felt cold, like, under the skin, and I wanted to see if there were hand prints or anything, or if I was just feeling what i had in the dream, so i went and looked into the mirror, I wasn't wearing a shirt at the time, and as I turned to go into the bathroom my mom freaked out, she asked me what happened and I asked her what she was talking about, and she told me to look in the mirror, so I did, and all across the mid-top of my back were about 18, 6 inch scratches. We tried to find a way I could have done it in my sleep, but we couldn't, for a few reasons...in order for me to have made them myself, I would have had to broken both my arms, and even then, they were done too perfectly, as if they had been made by claws or sharp finger nails, no animals in that house could have done it though, and no one could have gotten in my room while I was sleeping. The marks disappeared two weeks later.

I'm curious to know if anyone else has dreamed about the same woman that has a like story to share. I've spoken to one other person who dreamed about her, and also ended up with marks, which I saw with my own eyes, but he was the only other one so far.

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Um could it be that it might be one of those things that happened a long time ago? Like someone who was killed and now has enough regret or any strong feeling that allows the to stay in this world? We know from your dreams that children were doing something the cans of peaches which might be quite an important fact. But first here's my analysis. Remember the kid that slammed the door when you tried to ask him something? The next thing you knew you were somewhere else right? The parking lot. So I'm guessing the woman in white is their mother. And those injuries were out of protecting her children. <br />
I'm not terribly sure exactly this is just something that I came up when I first read it. Though peaches.....What do you think?

I remember reading her story, it was in a true based ghost book I had called Hell House, stories of hauntings from all over, had some really creepy ones in there, I recommend that book to those into the paranormal. One story says she drown her children, the other says they drown on their own, though, if she wanders the water edge trying to find them, I'm not sure how that would tie into my dream, and it wasn't until after I had the dream that I read about her. I was told what I saw is known as the witch or the hag, but I couldn't find anything else on it...and no one believed me enough to assist me in reading into it anyway. I wonder if she could be in any way tied to the "woman in white" that dwelled in my fathers basement for so long, who I've never seen but from how she was described it could be the same entity, which I'll give it's own experience.

Um im not sure if this will help but a while woman with other white features. I thought of La llorona. Its a mexican myth. You could look it up but it seems to match a bit. From what i have heard though doubt they match but here<br />
http://www.literacynet.org/lp/hperspectives/llorona.html<br />
Ehehehe this might be irresponsible but aww man i wish stuff like that happened to me too T.T<br />
I like the supernatural cause there isnt a way to explain it and for some reason its just a good detective kind of thing. Please tell me more if there is any!!!