One time when I was home sitting watching tv. I looked up and saw something flying towards to me and crash on to the table next to me. I jumped up and looked at the table and it was my keys that I kept on the bar which, were about 7 feet from where I was sitting. It shook me up for a bit.
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The worst one fear was when my baby was little , and I was feeding him, a big black shadow peeped on me, and no1 tall in the house was with us, I literally left my x and never came back in that creepy ****!!! I hope I never see nothing like that again, it was like something out of scary movies!!!

Yes that would be freaky. I guess I'm strange. When I have seen something I seem to move towards it to see what it is. It might get me some day doing that.

You don't got fear

I saw a 'ghost ' when I was 6 yrs old . I was with my sister who was 16 and we both saw it. I can't remember much from when I was that young but I remember it like it was yesterday

I believe I may draw them to me. I have seen so many things in different places.

How bout this, 4 am in the morning, a loud music made me dance in my bed and sing even, my radio got turned on full blast and no1 else was in the house.... I got up all puzzled and scared!!! Same with water running one morning early, stuff stopped after I prayed few times and sprinkled holly water

That sounds wild. Would of loved to have experienced that. I have some stories but, I don't think others would believe a word I was saying. I have been touched I have see people that I thought were real just to have them vanish in front of me.

Here online!!??? Or?

In real life While I was looking right at them. They look as real as you or me.

Why do you think you saw them?

Because I think I maybe able to see them better then others and I think they might have been trying to tell me something.

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