Virginia Ghosts

I live in the wonderful state of Virginia.....there are so many books out there that are dedicated to the ghosts of Virginia. I have read quite a few of these books. The stories are very spine-tingling and terrifying. I have several friends here that I discuss these stories with. We are like die-hard Virginia ghosts fans!! One book that is particularly intersting is Virginia Ghosts : They are among us. Its written by Ian Alan. So, if youre into ghosts and need a good book to cuddle up with, grab this one. Plus there are alot of other Virginia ghosts books written by L.B. Taylor. Both authors investigate the paranormal, so they are true stories. I hope you take my advice and enjoy!!!
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And yes Buckhorn Inn, west of Staunton has a ghost. I grew up knowing the owner in the 70s and 80s, Rudy Eavers and when we'd go out there he'd tell us about the ghost messing with stuff in the kitchen at night. Beautiful place.

Try Guinea Station, near Massaponax Va, where Stonewall Jackson died. A very distinctice presence of Jackson is there when its quiet. Go in the off season, sing a couple of the hymns he loved and see what happens.

Thank you for the recommendation. I love ghost stories usually only get my fix from movies and Reality TV. Far cry from reading real ghost stories.

I like ghost shows too. Was 'A Haunting' on the discovery channel real?

That would be so much fun. Theres one near me here in Va. But I dont know about Ga. I hope you find one.

I would love to join a ghost hunters club of sorts. Anyone know of any in Eastern Georgia??

I would really be freakin' glad if TAPS decided to get a bit international then they try and get on a tour here.. they can even do it at the pyramids and tombs... am sure they'll discover LOTS of creepy stuff.. tombs actually do already look haunted, imagine the thrill of findin' what's hauntin' them.... is there anyhow i can e-mail them a request??

There's a site on the web... dern if I don't remember what it is... anyways, you can see EACH state's most popular, listed haunting spots. I was surprised at the number of them in my OWN state! :)

Thank u ! :D

I hear you Mo08!!! I wish you the best!

yeah am a TAPS fan too... however unfortuanley... I don' t get to c these guys on TV here any longer :(... I live in ******' Egypt .... I really wish i can get the hell outta here... I wanna move after college or so... if i get to move to US... one of the things on my list is haunting trip =)

I would love to do that too Mo08!! Ghost hunters the series rocks!!! I would love to go on a trip with those guys!

Cool, thnx.. I actually have a couple of books about ghost stories, and I read a lot on the internet too, but I really wanna live the action one day and just not stay behind books :D

Theres alot of ghost stories here to try on for size Mo08! Youd like it. Go to the library or book store and pick up a virginia ghosts book.

Damn, I really wish I lived in Virginia

I've read most of the virginia ghosts and ghosts of virginia books. some of them are by region. I'm in hampton roads. But I have a couple of friends and every now and then we go to the places mentioned in the books. Some we haven't quite found yet. (my sis is out in staunton) small samll world sometimes.

I'd love to go for a haunting sometime. I wish I'd get to capture somethin' on cam, the problem is ma friends will think am nuts if I suggested goin' to some graveyard at night with'em, they're just chickens,lol.

I love VA and PA!!! Both are some wonderful states to visit hauntings!!! I love it!! It takes alot to scare me! lol

Oh, DARN, I was in Penn state last summer, I had missed visitin' one of those haunted known sites, lame:(

I had read that article once on the internet about some ghost hunters in Virginia, they found some really intrestin' stuff, wow, that state must be the most haunted one. I'd love to visit Virignia and try a ghost huntin' there

Ill look it up and find it!!! Thats so cool that youre grandparents used to live in Staunton. Small world it is!

You're quite welcome. I can't remember which town The Buckhorn is near, but the food is worth a trip itself. They's got them some good eatin' there.

I love Ghost hunters!!! They rock!!! I want to do that one of these days! Explore the paranormal.

Thats awesome!!! Im a big civil war fan!!! I live near staunton actually!! I may have to check that out! Thanks for the comment!

Of all the places I found a ghost story, it was in a cookbook of historic Virginny restaurants (My grandparents used to live in Staunton).<br />
There's a restaurant called The Buckhorn Inn which predates the Civil War. During one battle, it was impressed as a field hospital. One patient never did leave, and makes his presence known as an occasional prankster.

Well....I definetly enjoy them. I love the Blue Ridge mountains here. Just pick you up a book and youll enjoy! Come to VA anytime.....Im so at home here!