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Has anyone here heard of or listened to the radio show "Coast to Coast Am" with George Noory (formally with Art Bell)? It's a late night program consisting of ghost stories, conspiracies, and other paranormal occurrences. It has spooked the he ll out of me so many times. Anyway, I recommend it to any people who are intrigued by the unknown. I've listened to it for years now and it never gets old... sometimes a little weird, but never old. The website is if you'd like to find an affiliate near you!
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I live on the east coast and I listened to that programs broadcast for years and the local station dropped its afflilliation with the show. I was disappointed at that loss<br />
I enjoyed the programs live and often time strange content. Now I can only see the website, by the same name.<br />
I do get to hear some shows still by going to a website by the name of Disclose.TV some are posted on the web(coasttocoastam shows) in 10 minute clips.

I've heard of it. But ghost stories? Ha! Ha! I gots the real ****. And more to boot.

Yeah, they have podcasts! <br />
<br /><br />
<br />
I want to get a membership so I can access their archive! <br />
<br />
I also want to get a subscription to "After Dark," their magazine, though I want to read one first before committing. It's pretty expensive and it may not be that good.

Long time listener also.I've talked to many people about it,and i'm allways stunned to learn most never read a newspaper,only watch the local 6:00 news when they have sattelite t.v.,and listen only to retread radio music day after day.they look at me like i'm a lost soul, changing any subject back to work,gossip,andother blather. Tried some key words for ctoc. topics and got ziltch,thanks.

I listen to it all the time. There's a reason the shift I mostly work is called 'graveyard'. The upside of being up all night is its quiet and lonely, the downside is...its quiet and lonely. When theres not someone else on duty with me the radio can be a lifesaver and Coast to Coast AM is about the only thing different and entertaining on at those hours.

I've not seen it before actually!! I keep hearing about it on here though so I think I'm going to start recording it!

Wow.....that seems like quite the experience in itself. I envy you !!! lol Id love to do that. Do you watch the show on Sci-fi called Ghost Hunters??? I love that show!

That's awesome! You'll have to post your experience! I'm sure the Gettysburg ghost tour was out of this world. I've never been on a ghost tour per se, but I've stayed the night at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado which is the hotel that inspired the book "The Shining" by Stephen King. They have special haunting tours and such but not the same as what you've seen, I'm sure!

I know what you mean wonderlust!!! Youre not alone trust me on that!! ;) Im gonna go on a ghost tour of historic lexington, VA this weekend for Halloween! It should be alot of fun!! I actually took a ghost tour in Gettysburg, PA too!! It was alot of fun. I love to hear the stories!!!

I hope you enjoy! I love meeting people with the same interests as well, makes me feel less crazy ;)

Awesome Wonderlust....Ill have to check that site and radio program out. I have a huge interest in the paranormal. I explore books, shows, and alot of other things when I have the chance. Its great to see others like myself out there!!

Cool, I've listened to the program since I was in middle school. It's sort of a nostalgia thing for me now. I can't sleep without having it on softly in the background. Sometimes it's weird, but they have some really thought provoking programs as well. Stuff like EVPs, tracking devices, crop circles, current events, ghost-hunting, remote viewing, parapsychology, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, etc.

looks pretty interesting I'll definetly have to check it out

Hey, thanks for the info, Im going to check it out!