Tomorrow Will Be Alright

How can i keep my faith when everything isnt going right?
How can i keep going when all the fears come rushing back into my mind?
They always tell me "You'll be fine, just keep believing"
Sometimes i just want to stop believing.
I just dont see it!
I want to give up soo bad,
maybe its better that way?
or should i endure another day?
It can get better right?
I always keep that in my mind
The next day will be okay
The next day everything is going to be alright
All these lies become memories
Tomorrow is my second chance.

The Poem video for this poem is right there >>>>>
ShesDisturbed ShesDisturbed
22-25, F
2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Some great writing. Great video.

That was cool. You're right, tomorrow is a new day. 'One more step, one more breath ' that's my philosophy. :o)

I tend to write alot of sad and depressing poems, i thought why not change it up :P im not really a depressing person :P thanks for reading it and commenting and rated it up and all that jazz ;)

As long as you keep writing on here I'll keep reading and commenting and rating and all that jazz. :o) I'll give you honest opinions on your work, and I hope you'll return the favor. :-)

lol well thanks :)