Hi All - Now That I've Posted A Few Examples, Here Is The Back Story.

Erotic stories and poetry are wonderful. I think that they inflame an imagination that could help us make our lovers feel excited and desired.  They are a lot of fun.

Now, you may think that I'm completely normal.  Nope - at least not emotionally and even perhaps sexually.  You see, I have had emotional issues because of an apparent sexless marriage, have been diagnosed with aspergers (very high functioning on the spectrum) and was a virgin until age 29 (5.5 standard deviations beyond the mean!).  But, regardless of all this, I have a pretty good inner life and my activities are varied and challenging.

So, what does that have to do with erotic poetry - and in my case erotic Haiku?  While I may not express such eroticism externally, I still feel it, and while I intellectually know that this is an expression of a need that everybody feels, I cannot see the social cues for any of this.  I am as blind to the norms of social and romantic relationships as somebody with achromatic vision is blind to color.  And that leads to immense frustration, and at times, anger.  Knowing something and not being able to experience it at a critical time in life (now long past) makes one feel almost sub-human.

So, as a person who is very open to experience, I, like you, enjoy erotic poetry and stories.  It is easy for me to immerse myself in the imagery.  Yet, for all that, I would not, or could not, be able to express such feeling to a woman that interested me.  I wouldn't know when it was appropriate, or when somebody was approachable, or if anybody showed an interest in me.  It was only by a miracle that I met my wife when we were on a road trip and we had three days together so that at the end of it, my anxiety and shyness was pretty much diminished.  But, sexually, it was such an awakening that it opened up amazing avenues of erotic thought for me.

So, I hope you like what I write, and please remember; shy people (and those on the autism spectrum) have sexual needs and expression that may not be evident.

Love you all.
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You are married, tell me about your relationship with your wife?

Well, from reading your stories, I don't know if you even have a clue. I believe it is stressful for her dealing with me. That has probably contributed to the nearly sexless marriage. I am getting counseling, but it is going to be a challenge because the only thing I could change is me. We will see.

What you relate in your stories is so alien to me that you may as well be writing them in Urdu.