We, Together, Bond As Lovers

Me, lying on top
you, clinging with arms and mouth
your body beckons

Hearing your delight
you want me inside, quickly
I swell with great desire

Hands parting long legs
swirl tongue around hidden flesh
desiring your moan

A nimble tongue now
my mouth fills with your sweet taste
excited, breathless

Flat bellies of youth
I look down to see myself
disappear in you

Hot sex for us both
a meeting of lost bodies
lust and deep stroking

Rest, then eagerness,
I enter you so gently
and we move again

You sleep, spent for now,
contented, my gaze lingers
shadow enfolded

In that one deep night
I beckon again, you rise,
love now, joining us

Morning, dull green light
mottled, dim through flimsy tent
you lie, radiant
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I never knew erotic writtings could be so beautiful :)

Thank you, Avalon. I have more than that on my mind now, but will try to put together some more in the future.

Your appreciation means a lot.