Doing whats best in life is giving a try.

The hardest thing for my sisters and my family was to leave our old days back in Auckland move on with life. we move around places because of church but it was not hard for me at all even some of the places we move to was not my thing!. The big reson we move because my Dad is a priest and that is a blessing for my family that god send to us. if your a church person you would under stand the meaning of my story and also the things i could see , hear and under stand to read the good news and share it to others. Here is my story, I am happy to look then i'll stop looking , to hear then i'll get it, to read it to under stand it . I am talking about the bible the stories jesus use to tell others, he says " i used storys for the people that can't under stand what i am trying to tell them about others and them selfs".  they would keep hearing and  hearing but they are like the deaf they will keep looking and looking but they are like the blind,  to those who had "eyes to see" and "ears to hear  use them dont be like the others who come and try to test gods words. I was onces like these people, i wouldnt want to hear you or to see the things that are good! and i would keep pushing it out  my way because  i always wanted it my way cause i liked it that way! but i got really stressed out, had no more time  to spend on the things i liked, it was like my life was going so fast i would have no more time to see my love ones still living with me and can't stop worrying. i prayed that nigth to god to help me i got sick and thought i would never wake up from my sleep the next morning. I said in my prayer " God for what i have done bad please forgive me". the next day i slowed things down, i did what i was told ! keeped my eyes a wake at church as the mens pried about people like me, my eyes opened to hear the good news they wanted to tell us. I keeped doing this every day i could see i was not geting sick no more or even stressing out because i know i had faith in me. Every day i read the bible and its the greatest thing in life to read! from night and day i pray to god. you know if you are ever having trouble in life try reading the bible and give up your life for God your lose it.

Thanks God for this day.

mefroz mefroz
18-21, F
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Hey hope u like my stroy.