And Try To Do Each Often

at any given moment i am doing at least 3 of these. i always have a book (or three) that i am involved in, have a drawing or painting or some kind of art project in the works, have something on the stove or in the oven, or am listening to anything from classical to death metal. it keeps me centered. i bake my own bread, make broth and stock from bones i have saved, and always have a cake or cookies around. i was an art major in college. i read at a college level in middle school. i have felt music is an integral part of life since i was very small. i read anything i can get my hands on and am always open to new experiences. if it wasn't for these things, i would have lost my mind long ago. i am blessed to have these things as part of my daily routine.
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That, i think, is so rare these days that someone bakes from scratch.<br />
Thats funny,you need him healthy if he's gonna have to deal with you.<br />
So lucky,beautiful wife,homecooked meals,nice home,good job,what more could a guy ask for?

i try to make everything from scratch. it just tastes better. also, i'm trying to cut out all those preservatives and junk you get in processed food. he's my first priority, i need him healthy if he's gonna have to deal with me ;)

Just make sure you dont get too into a good book and forget that theres something in the<br />
The man in your life sure is lucky to have someone bake bread and sounds like you make most things from scratch,lucky guy.

thanks sweety

Sound really good to me.