I'm Hooked.

I am 23 years old, and I have been reading Erotica for the last 4 years. My friend let me borrow a book from her a couple of years ago because I had nothing to read at the time, well she never told me what kind of book it was. Needless to say when I started reading it I was a little shocked not realizing that was the type of thing my friend had been reading about all along. The first book was a MMF menage book, and after reading it I was so hooked, I ended up borrowing all the books she had. Since then I have started my own personal collection of Erotica books, and now currently own over 300 or so ranging from all sorts of topics, and scenarios. I really love how its a conversation starter when I have people over to my place and they see all the books in my book case, most of them have never seen Erotica books before and I have started letting friends borrow my books to get them started on their own collections. Reading erotica for me is a great stress reliever most of the books keep me laughing, and have even given me some amazing new ideas to try out in my own life. I have also checked out some online Erotica Literature sites but It's a little bit easier to read from a book then to stare at a computer screen all night lol.

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It is a great ice breaker, at least now my friends know what to get me for my birthdays, and xmas lol I often get books from friends who tell me I opened up a new world to them. I love the look on their faces when they first check out my collection there eyes get wide and they are not sure where to look its kind of comical.

that is a great ice breaker to have ( your book collection ) considering its always on everyones minds whether they admit it or not.

I would suggest you check out<br />
www.literotica.com<br />
its free of ads, no spyware,no cookies, all the stroies are user-submitted, and there's a search feature that allows you to look only at the kind of erotica that interests you, like exhibitionism, B&D, group sex, anal, etc!

Check out Samhain publishing online and then there is books on board where you can search for books by topic. Most of theses are sold as Ebooks, but other can be bought in print as well.

Wow I hade no idea there were so many books on the maket. I found swedish libraries have erotic ebooks. That suits me fine! I would love to find some online Erotica Literature sites :-)

I always liked this one woman who wrote erotic literature for a living. She'd grind out about two books a month with a lot of cut and paste of "ugggg!" and 'Oh, yea, deeper! Harder!" What kept me amused was when she talked about her publisher's Christmas party. One of the women who fixed up the offset plates for the books moaned to the author how depressed she was that her sex life wasn't like any of the characters of the books they published.<br /><br /><br />
"Honey," the author replied,"If women were that horny all the time, there'd be moss growing on their crotches."

No I havn't but i will def, have to check it out thanks!!

Have you read the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series? If you are into paranormal...vampires...that kind of stuff, it would be a great addition to your Erotica collection. Author: Laurell K Hamilton.