i read fantasy books all the time, and love to write about fantasy too, i've got this book called "things that never were" that names every fantasy creature ever created and all about it too, the book belongs to my mom but she let me have it. its very interesting it talks about azemen, vampires, werewolves, merlin, sakarabru, the watchers, you name it that book has it
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Me too :) Actually...I think I beat you to writing it on the list...soooo I WIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN :D:D:D:D

oh damn!!! yeaaa you should, I've already written it on the list of things we need to do next time...

You didn't ask me to show you...funnily enough you were standing not 1 foot away from it when you were looking at my bookshelf infront of the couch downstairs lol. I'll show you next time :)

you didn't show me the book!!!!!!!!!! :P

I share your opinion. Fantasy world is very exciting!

does it talk about.......ALIENS??!<br />
*dun dun dun*

Sounds interesting. And like something I would have "had to have" a few years ago. Now, I would just secretly covet it. SOrt of like I am doing now ;-)

That sounds like a really amazing book. I'm jealous and now want a copy of meh own. :]