I Prefer Fiction

Every now and then, someone writes a nonfiction book that grabs my interest, and of course reference books are useful, but I mostly read fiction.  It takes me beyond my small section of the world and my personal challenges, and into the world that someone else sees, or wishes for.  The pace there is also much faster than the slowness of real life, which requires so much patience in waiting for things to come about, no matter how hard you work on them. 

Favorite genres: science fiction, mainstream, women's, and classics.  I prefer these to have little violence and to not end with everybody dead or wishing they were dead.  I often choose books (mostly library books), by first looking at the title, of course, but also by reading the last page for that high level of hopelessness that I dislike.  :/  I take home several at a time, and usually I don't remember the endings, so when I read the book the ending comes as a surprise the way it's supposed to do. 

I plan to add a list of favorite books here at some time.  Another thing for "when I get around to it"--you know how that goes. 

freeeedom freeeedom
51-55, F
Aug 21, 2007