I Love Fiction - That's a Fact

Mostly loner said it all really. But I have to add my own  words about the subject being an individual and everything. Escapism is the word that comes to mind. Escaping my own reality ( though my life isn't THAT bad)
- like engrossing yourself in a movie - except twenty times better. I sleep much better at night after having read a few pages or chapters - depending. Sounds like I use fiction as a sleeping device - but I really do become very involved in the stories I read.
At the moment (if I am allowed say) I am reading 'The Book Thief' by Australian author Markus Zuzak.
It is totally brilliant, and terribly sad.
Josephine Josephine
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2007

Sometimes I used to read until 5 in the morning but I can't do that anymore. I'd go through a whole book till I finished it.

i just cannot do that! if i start to read before bed, i will look at the clock in 3-4 hours and realize i had been reading the whole time!

I do that a lot too, read right before sleep. I get into bed and read, and often, after a couple of pages, can't hold the book up any more from relaxed sleepiness.