Diapered 3

My mom waved goodbye to her friends as they drove away." We'll, looks like the baby needs a change", my mom said. "Your lucky that we don't ha... wait I know we can go buy you some more!". My mom then told me I could change out of the diaper and put on some big girl panties and Normal cloths. My mom then took me by the hand and led me to the car. I was being dragged as I was trying to escape her iron like grip, it was no use so I did the only thing I could do, I started to cry. We drove to target. I had stopped crying by that time so I wouldn't make a scene. We went straight to the baby isle and got wipes, powder, bibs, pacifiers, and ordered some baby furniture like a crib, changing table, etc. then came to the diapers part. My mom was having trouble finding the right ones when I looked over and saw three girls from my high school, and with my luck they saw me. "You shopping for a baby" one asked "no" my mom answered "her"."I was having trouble picking out the right diapers, do you have any suggestions?" Said my mom." When I was little I wore these" one said. They were white with pink designs and and waistband, from Disney princesses. " those are cute" my mom said, she put about five packs in the basket. "My little sister where's these" the next one said. They were also pink but had purple on them too, they had pictures of tinker bell on them. "I don't have siblings or rember what I wore but I recommend these" the last one added. I almost died when I saw the pack. The label said extra thick for those who wet often and a lot, and to top it of the were pink and frilly, very girly looking, they had miney mouse on the front and wet indicators by the crotch. " we could babysit for you whenever you want" the first one said " thank you this one needs somebody around when I'm not" " I'm Riley" the first one said" I'm Maddy" the second one said. " And I'm Ashley" the third one said. " I'm Alice" my mom said "and this is baby Sarah"" here's my number" Riley said "call me when you need a babysitter" "I will" they waved and said "bye-bye baby Sarah" I. A voice as if they were talking to a baby. My mom payed for the things strapped me into my new Cinderella carseat and drove home.
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Nice story

Wow! Is that real?

part 4

I hope you write more with this and make them longer

Wow that sounds embarrassing

I wish that this would happen to me

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laxidives have them put food mudd bugs ect in your diaper itching powder and burping and stuff to make you throw up like a baby and suffed animals spankimg and purple nurples and school and swirlys