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Dreams From My Father

(young Barack Obama)
"Have you ever seen a man killed?" I asked him.
He glanced down, surprised by the question.
"Have you?" I asked again.
"Yes," he said.
"Was it bloody?"
I thought for a moment. "Why was the man killed? The one you saw?"
"Because he was weak."
"That's all?"
Lolo shrugged and rolled his pant leg back down. "That's usually 
enough. Men take advantage of weakness in other men. They're just like 
countries in that way. The strong man takes the weak man's land. He 
makes the weak man work in his fields. If the weak man's woman is 
pretty, the strong man will take her." He paused tp take another sip 
of water, then asked, "Which would you rather be?"
I didn't amswer, and Lolo squinted up at the sky. "Better to be 
strong," he said finally, rising to his feet. "If you can't be strong, 
be clever and make peace with someone who's strong. But always better 
to be strong yourself. Always."
 -- Dreams from my father Barack Obama

note: Lolo is Barack's step-father
Fluffypanda Fluffypanda 18-21, M 1 Response Aug 22, 2011

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You are intoxicating me Man... And what am i suppose to learn from here.. pls help..

"If you can't be strong,
be clever and make peace with someone who's strong. But always better
to be strong yourself. Always."