People Are Like Roses By Taylor Rene Capps ( Inspirational Story )

My only wish is for people to judge me on the person I am
today. simply because you can control the way you act
today, but you can't change the things you've done in your
past. You can only grow from it. You can't accomplish
anything today when you are still living in yesterday, you
cant be truly  happy when your letting things you have
no control over have power over your life. So Forgive the
ones how hurt you the most, if you don't you can never
move forward in your life. most importantly thing to
never forget is that everyday is a new opportunity to
become someone new, every day is the new beautiful
beginning. If your depressed pull yourself out of bed and
go out side and look around appreciate the small things
like how beautiful nature. Don't over look the new roses
growing in your neighbors yard just because you have seen
roses before. The fact that there nothing new to you
doesn't make them any less beautiful or less valuable, and
when you really pay attention and when you slowly watch
them grow little by little every day you will see, that
just like you they grow, bloom, and become stronger as time
goes by. Haha I bet you didn't knew you had so much in
common with a rose did yeah? I'm so thankful that I'm
starting to bloom and became the woman I've always meant to
be. Some of us to take longer to blossom than others cuz
they are missing the water and sunshine they need help them
grow big and strong and I'm here to help people get what
they missing in their life even if just with a kind words
or and a shoulder to cry on. 
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2012

you should read Fifty Shades of greene by Nicci Greene

it will tug at your heart, it will teach you about life, it will help you understand relationships, men and sex. It will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and make you wet between the legs. Long story short - its amazing

Dear lauren, i m from mumbai n have well settle business, i m not so much educated person bt life have teach me many things, so you are saying your mom take drugs n your dad die when you were small, so i want to say you that when you were small 8 years old so your mind was fresh n delicate, n when you see your family background n its atoumatically catch everything in your mind n all little thing you fix i. You mind n as t time go, its become like lava n you come in stress n deppration, what is right n what is wrung you dosn't care n in strees you talk too much bt you not feel that you are talking too much n you become phycestric patient bcz when you think about your family background t chemical grow in your brain; so control your self n forget all things n live like king size n fly like butterfly...!