A Story About A Tadpole

There’s a group of tadpoles living in a small puddle of water. There is one tadpole who feels anxious about its surrounding conditions, large populations and the upcoming dry season. That tadpole hops everyday to see if there’s a bigger place to maintain the lifespan of its community when the prolonged dry season arrives. After looking around, it turns out that there's a bigger puddle of water nearby and he began thinking of migrating there.

When he invited his friends to migrate, they all refused and said that the place they’re currently living is already comfortable enough, so why bother moving to a new place which is not necessarily better? His friends only see the present situation. They didn't think about the challenges and threats that they will be facing in the future.

Whereas the tadpole that had always been observing it’s surrounding, hops everyday to find new places to live. Apart from enjoying its life, he is always looking ahead. Every day he watched over the depth of the small puddle of water he’s currently living until one day he saw that the puddle of water had decline tremendously to the point where if he waited any longer he will misses the chance to migrate. If he had waited any longer, he won’t be able to get to the other side because a tadpole hopping ability is limited.

The tadpole was determined to jump into the bigger puddle of water on the other side. "If I do not take the risk now, there will not be another chance," so he thought. He was aware of the limit of his hopping ability. That tadpole successfully jumped over to the other side which has more water and was able to prolong his life. The other tadpoles that refused to evacuate died because of the prolonged dry season causes the small puddle of water to dry away.

Moral of the story
1. Be aware of what’s happening around you
2. Identify threat and opportunity
3. Know your strength and weaknesses
4. Take action when the time arrives
5. Do not procrastinate any longer that it should be until you miss the chance
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