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The Father Who Is Always Too Busy

There is a very busy father who always working. Every day he goes to work before his children woke up and came home very late at night after they were asleep. One day, his five year old son waited for his father to come home until very late at night. When he saw his father, the boy approached him and asked:

Son: Dad, can I ask you something?
Dad: Of course. What is it?
Son: How much earnings do you make in an hour?
Dad: Why do you ask something that had nothing to do with you?

His son did not answer but continued to press his father with the same question. The child really wanted to know how much earnings his father make in an hour. After being pushed several times, his father finally said:

Dad: Ten dollars per hour.
Son: Can I ask five dollars from you?

At the beginning, the father was reluctant but after being persuaded by his son, the father gave him five dollars. The child was very happy and thanked his father. Then he went to take his money-box and withdraw all the money that's inside it. After finished counting, he had a total of ten dollars. Then with glazed eyes, the boy said to his father:

Son: Dad, can I buy an hour of your time? Can you come home an hour earlier tomorrow and have dinner with me?

The child's tone of voice was very heart-breaking and touching. His father agreed to it.
fadzli fadzli 26-30, M 3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

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wow!a realy inspiring story.thanx.

This certainly does hit home whats important in life.

Thank you so much for posting this... I know from experience that the moral is true. I'm torn between laughing and crying when I read it, but that's a good thing in this case :) Sometimes we need to be reminded of what's important in life.