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Think Often Of One And Two

A person asked his friend for a piece of calligraphy to hang in his study. That person said to his friend, “Write me something that is extremely simple, but which will be helpful to me when I see it every day.” His friend thought for a long time, and then wrote just four Chinese characters “Think Often Of One And Two”. The person did not understand and asked what it meant.

His friend said, “We all know the saying that out of every ten things in this world, eight or nine will not go as we wish and there is a mere handful of people we can communicate with. Supposing we accept this, there will still be at least one or two things out of every ten that do go as we wish. I can't help you too much. All I can do is to tell you to think of those one or two things, to turn your mind to happy things, to magnify the light of happiness, to keep the sadness in your heart at bay. As a friend, this is the best thing I can do for you.”
fadzli fadzli 26-30, M 1 Response Jan 28, 2013

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