I Have A Love/hate Relationship With Manga...

I love to read shougo manga! I could be on the computer all day every day just reading about the charaters lives...

You fall in love with the characters and fall in love with new ones as you read different stories. You see how the beautifully drawn pages come together into a heartfelt story and how you seem to enter a different world inside of your head as you flip the pages and imagine the characters actions and facial expressions. You get excited with every new page and every new expression........then the chapter is over and you have to wait for the author to complete the next chapter. Then you start to think about your own life and how you want that kind of true love that has drama in the beginning but they still know that they love each other dearly and wont let anything separate them.

I LOVE SHOUGO MANGA!!!!! I am just jealous of it.......
CherryDuck CherryDuck
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I know! i am getting frustrated when i read a good summary for a manga and its licensed. I understand that it shouldn't be online but i dont want to buy every book because of how many i would need to get lol

I know!!! Some dont get updated until a couple of months. THAT DRIVES ME INSANE!!!

You have seriously good taste!!! I really love Skip Beat and Faster than a Kiss!!! I could read them everyday!