Non-fiction came at a certain age. 

I always had an interest in the world in its manyfold facets but I started buying nonfiction only after my student years of poetry collecting.  My first love was cultural anthropology, later to be extended to prehistory.  Simultaneously my interest in history led me to archeology. 

And then there was my interest for art. 

I can't think of a field in the alpha sciences that doesn't interest me. 

Man as a thinking and creating being and his aiming at excellence are an everlasting journey, a fascination and a consolation.

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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Non-fiction does come at a certain age...I haven't reached that age yet. LOL<br />
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I try to be an eclectic reader...but as soon as I finish one non-fiction, I gorge back into fiction. My mind needed that extra stimulation of something that could or could not be real.<br />
<br />
The fairy is too strong... ;)