Secret Nudist Part 1

I think i started my nudist lifestyle as a boy of 11. My parents were poor and we did not have air conditioning in our small 2 bedroom house. I stopped wearing pajamas when i turned 10. I would sleep in underwear and a Tshirt like my dad. (I always disliked how i would get twisted up in pjs and the damn buttons that poked me in the chest.) So I just stopped wearing them all together. Well, one summer evening after my 11th birthday I went off to my room to go to bed and it was exceptionally hot and stuffy in my room. I could not get comfortable even after opening a window, so I peeled off my tshirt and lying in bed I hooked my thumbs in my undies and pulled them all the way off. It was such a liberating experience that I had never known before! I feIt the cool night air from the window wafting over my skin and I loved the way the the bottom sheet felt on my bare little butt and I felt all tingly in my body wondering if mom would catch me sleeping in bed lying there on my bed, naked as a jaybird, and spank my bare bottom red.

The next morning I woke up before my parents and was able to slip back into my underwear before i got caught. After that night I felt like i wanted to be naked more often but also felt guilty about it.
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When I was a kid we were also dirt poor with a house full of kids, My mother had a guy that worked with her come and change the linen closet into a stair well the lead up to the addict so I was allowed to pull a bed up there and sleep on the third floor under a 6ft. ceiling. in the summer it was hotter then hell and I always slept nude with a little window fan blowing a little cool air over by body, I had to make sure there was no one in the bath room down stairs if I had to pee during the night because I would come down nude, My sister caught me a couple of time and once told me I needed to start wearing under wear before I got in trouble I think I answered her and told her it could be worse I could be wearing your panties and she just laughed and went to bed..

That's about when I started too. Used to take care of aneighbors dog when they were gone so. I would walk around naked in yard and dare myself to walk down drive in broad daylight. Thought it was a phaze but. It wasn't. I still like to be naked