Wandering Nude In A Wonder Land

I think there is nothing interesting in getting naked in our usual surroundings or regular situations. Because I enjoyed nudity in an entirely different land with different people.
I born in an urban family as an one & only son, under strict moral rules. I had to clothed compulsorily from my 4th age, and even during the bath sessions I had to wear briefs.
Once on a summer vacation one of my uncle from a neighboring state, brought me into their home. The green landscape was a total surprise for me. When I reached the home I exclaimed to see 2 boys about the age of 10-12 standing in full nude. Uncle introduced me to his sons. I hadn't see any other boy naked until that day. After some time, aunt removed my cloths completely and told me to go out & play with my cousins. Even I was very shy, I didn't feel any shyness then. My cousins told me, it is usual for the primary school boys (up to 12th age) to stay naked. I had passed 13 years, but I was comparatively short in height. I didn't wish to reveal my age and end that ultimate freedom.
I enjoyed the following days up to the most. There had lot of nude children to play together. We played 'Kabady' in the mud, played 'hide & seek' in the wast sunflower fields, wandered in the hill sides. There is a beautiful river with clear and pure water. I learned swimming, and jumped on to the river. A pleasant coolness spread all over my body, and a cool breeze enhanced it. The golden sunlight covered my body with a wheatish color and I enjoyed my own nudity up to the most.
The problem I faced was my increased sexual feels. I get easily projected in the presence of girls. This gathered everyone's attention. We, the children's bath was done by a 25yr female servant; at that time I struggled to control my passion.
I watched even the adults in nude, during their river bathing sessions and many females in topless. I spent about 12 days in that beautiful land and every day was a wonderful experience for me.
anoos2416 anoos2416
Jan 22, 2013