Honest View

  I love to  get people's honest viewpoints. To me a blog is a piece of a person's mind..a part of their soul that they've chosen to share with others. Many think it's just a simple jumble of words..but I think it goes deeper than that.

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Hey, do visit mine. www.doveranalyst.blogspot.com and let me know what you feel like in the comments.!

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i checked out ur blog; quite intersting :)

I love to discover quirky bogs where people share brilliant insights and creativity. My blog gives me a chance to share all sorts of ideas that otherwise would just be bouncing around in my head forever.<br />
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Here's my brain on blog: http://www.daisybrain.wordpress.com

Aww.. well thanks hun :)<br />
All I do is voice my opinion-but as you'd know lame losers come along thinking they'll bully me into siding with them! HA.

Well for me it diffenently goes beyond the surfice,,,because unless you really know me,,,my words are not very real,,,and for those who do not know me,,,It is because you only want to know the surfice,that is why you don't understand whats on the inside,,,or you might think I am crazy,,,its all in how you read the words,,,love and light mary,,,,by the way lost prophet I love your entrys,,,very thought orieted,,,