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i'm addicted to all romance novels, but the past 3 years, probably since i was introduced to twilight, i have been addicted to the paranormal romances. they're soo good, and it felt like a whole other world was opening up to me. i normally would associate vampires, werewolves and demons all characters from horror movies, or horror stories. but being introduced to the paranormal romances has been great, they're such an enjoyable read and provide much more interesting characters. i own so many of the books, i'd spend all my money on them. i have an area of non paranormal books nd they range in colour, but the section with all my paranormal romance reads are all dark colours, i love looking at it.
HiddenFallenAngel HiddenFallenAngel
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Glad to know I am not the only one

Yay! Those books are great