The Law Of Buddha

He who is not happy with nothing,
will not be happy with everything;
He who does not cherish the little things,
will not be thoughtful of the great things;
He with whom sufficient is not enough,
is without virtue, for the physical body of man
lives only from day to day
If you supply it with what it actually needs,
you will have time for your soul and God,
While if you seek to supply the body with what it wants,
the tasks are without end...
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5 Responses Sep 2, 2011

and I agree with you about the rat race, and keeping up with the joneses.

okay; now I understand how you interpret the idea of being happy with nothing. we aspies tend to be very literal, and when I see the phrase, "happy with nothing," I take that to mean REALLY nothing. by the way, I don't even know if you like to read, but if you do, there's a very good book about buddha the MAN, written by a religious scholar who is a former nun. she's an extremely intelligent, deep-thinking woman. the book is called Buddha and the author is karen armstrong.

I get what your saying, but I guess I take it mean to be happy with what you have, if your always wanting more, trying to keep up with the never ends. And becoming attached to material things, some people care more for their possessions than they do anything else. Instead of living in the rat race, just having time to nourish your soul, doing the things that bring you happiness.

I think it's really too much to expect people to be happy with nothing. in buddha's day there was horrendous poverty in india, and I believe that he was in part trying to relieve people's suffering by trying to get them to believe they should be HAPPY in all their misery. he couldn't END their poverty, though I think he would have if he could have. all he could do was turn his back on the wealth of the family he came from. I understand why these words of his, these ideas, developed in the tough realities of his time and place. but I just think it's asking way too much of the majority of human psyches to ask them to be happy with nothing, especially when so many around you have so much more.

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