Faith In Your Divinity

Faith in Your Divinity


Have faith in your divinity.

Call out to your destiny.

Have patience through adversity.

Your soul resides within eternity.


Let not your eyes grow wary.

For your destiny’s at hand.

On opportunity do not tarry,

For fate grows tired as you stand.


Call not to your destiny,

If it’s hands you will not grasp.

For destiny is quite busy,

And your opportunity will pass.


Find your inner being,

And listen to your heart.

Have patience for it to answer,

And faith in what it imparts.


You are the children of the Light

Shadowed by ego, yearning to be free.

Make Love your guiding Light,

Shining it bright for all to see.


By SoulFire

soulfireRW soulfireRW
1 Response Jan 24, 2012

Thanks that was very yummy for my soul…

Peace to you...