All Is Divine

God is a place within your soul
that everyone can reach
from young to old

Experience is necessary to believe
Because with ones mind
You cant conceive

All is connected
All is one
as if we were the rays
and god was the sun

Love is what was used
To create
Infine expressions
Of the great

A beautiful world
That is built from within
The truth is always there
And the veil is thin

We are not far
From perfection
We must just look
In the right direction

That fact that were aware
That we exist
Is a gift from god
That cant be dismissed

You are me
And I am you
This deep realization
Will change your view

So in every moment
let your true self shine
part and parcel of god
and all is divine

Thank you so much anyone who takes the time to read this!!!! <3<3<3
Dyaniii Dyaniii
22-25, F
Aug 26, 2012