If God..

If god had a religion, what would it be?
Would he sit in a temple, would he pray to a tree?
If god had a race, what skin would he have?
We he be white or black or half and half?
If god had a habit, which ones would he break?
Would he put down the cig or stop chewing the steak?
If god watched tv, what show would he watch?
Would he watch 7th heaven or laugh watching Tosh?
If god felt regret for any mistake...
It would be that religion caused his family to break.
carlee1212 carlee1212
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1 Response Feb 9, 2013

I like this. i don't support organized religions because it just keep the world seperate, where everyone is stuck in their own self righteous, arrogant beliefs. it just seems that alot of religions think that if you don't believe the way they believe, then your wrong and wont be as close or worthy to god. Well, that just doesn't seem right. i think we should let are inner selves guide us. i just believe in having a close spiritual relationship with God, i dont go to church and let others preach me how to live my life because life is simple. If you are a truly good person, then life and whats to come after it will all be ok. I just think that god created the bible for us to learn through it, yes. But it wasn't created for us to over expose and create power through. maybe im wrong, but this is just my stance.we can have faith in something up above, and be a good person, without having to create "groups" that judge everybody elses way of life. also im not saying that all religious people are judgemental, im totally unbiased. Thisis just one of my aspects of it and im too lazy to write more, and im not even sure how clear this came out so, peace.