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How I Became The Wedgie Boy

This is a fictional story about a boy named zack who becomes wedgie boy of the school.

It was the last day of summer when their parents went on a vacation without him. "YES" screamed Zack when their parents walked out of the house. Zack watched their parents car from his window what felt like forever until they drove off. After what felt like forever they finally drove off down the road and Zack ran for Tiffany's room. Tiffany was Zack's older sister who was away at a all girls school after being caught having sex at a boy's house. Zack and Tiffany were the same size and Zack loved to crossdress while doing his wedgies.

Zack got a pair of skinny jeans, boots, bikini, wig, bra, and t shirt. Zack put them on and set up a camera to send the video to his wedgie master across the country. Zack got a dog leash and a chair. Zack then goes to his closit and throws the dog leach over the high hook that his dad made to high for him as a kid. Zack grabs the other end of the leach puts it throw the leg hole. Of the bikini and connects it to the other side of the dog leach. Once Zack clicks the remote to turn on the camera he jumps down screaming in pain. He hung for about 5 minutes until the hook fell off the wall making Zack fall and hurting his knee. Zack then grabs the remote and clicks the off button.

Zack grabs the camera and uploads it to his laptop. Zack sends it to his master but without looking he mistakenly clicks Facebook to. He uploads them then his face turns pale white as he sees the pop up. The pop up says the message thank you for sending the video: wedgie commands to Facebook hope to see you soon. Zack try's desperatly to get on Facebook but he forgot his password then he thought Itouch Facebook app. He gets on Facebook knowing everyone's already seen it because it's the last day of summer break everyone's going to be on. Zack gets on Facebook to find 307 views and he was 314 friends. Zack deleted the video quickly but it was two late. Zack sees the school bully had the video on his Facebook "oh no" thought Zack because the school bully Phil had over 3000 friends. Zack got a email message from his master saying good job may I have another video? Zack looked at that message for ever then silently closed his laptop and went to bed.

The first day of school
Zack got on to the bus receiving many laughs and wedgies while walking to his seat. He sat there about to cry while the bully held him down and let everyone give him wedgies. They got to school and Zack was close so close to first hour when 5 boys and his crush elizabeth watching grabbed him by the underwear and took him to the bathroom for many many wedgies. When they got in there his crush followed them threatening to get a teacher so they grabbed her and gave her a swirly. Zack thought to himself "let her go please". After they ripped her panties and she was crying very badly they let her go then the bully made the worst idea ever, he kissed her. After an hour of swirlies and wedgies they let him go while he sat in the corner as wet as ever and covered in crap.

At lunch he saw Elizabeth being teased about helping me so I started to walk away when I got grabbed from behind by the hand and pulled in the closit. A light turned on to find himself starring at the most popular and sexiest girl in school named Savannah. Savannah hugged him and said how sorry she was for her boyfriend Phil giving me wedgies. I said it was fine then Savannah started telling me the plan to get him back.

THE NEXT DAY was the car wash day when they all cleaned cars. The teachers were in a meeting when we started the plan. After my wedgie I sat down then all the girls screamed and started to kiss and hug me slot making the other boys jealous. Phil asked " what are you doing girls" "we love men who give themselves wedgies" they said then started kissing him. All the boys were so jealous for the next week in school but the wedgies didn't stop. After the girls stopped with the plan the bullies started giving themselves wedgies with made them look retarded. So everything went back to normal and Zack started talking to his master again explaining everything to him then one day he made another video and mistakenly hit Facebook "oh no" he said going to bed.
Crossdressedwedgie Crossdressedwedgie 13-15, M Dec 15, 2011

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