Im New And Seeking Advice From Those Who Can Relate

I've been dealing with a USMC man we're not in a relationship technically but we talk all the time and when we spend time together its great. I've met several of his friends and he says there are several more that want to meet me. He hasn't met mine yet but they know of him. Everyone says we are in a relationship without the title. Usually we see each other every two weeks but now this time it had to be 3 since I work and go to school and he has his stuff to do. He's at Camp Lejeune which is about 2 and a half hrs away from me. Its been very hard not having him close. We discuss it all the time how we wish we could see each other more. He's even brought me a huge stuffed dog and a "toy" to kinda help with things. I have thought about moving closer and doing online school while he works toward his career path but we aren't together in a relationship yet. So idk. We're planning on talking about all that this weekend. I would definitely like you ladies input. Thanks in advance.
babiedoll22 babiedoll22
May 7, 2012