Middle Child!!!

You see big families r wonderful!the gatherings,story telling and basically knowing you have a lot of people to support you,meet Elle,who is now 24,vibrant,loving and sometimes a shy lady from a small town of "gerallie".she is a middle child,and although she loves her family dearly,she has had to live with the fact that in her parent's eyes,she will always come second. born to a family of 8 children,she was the darling of the family,until her lil sister was born,she had to give away all the privileges. growing up,she had always felt like her parents did not love,but unlike many unloved teenagers,she did not resort to any form of drugs. she felt more lonely as years past,till she met "tony",a young boy with great looks,Tony was from a rich family,so naturally,all the girl liked him,and in return,tony liked them back,all of them. Elle was smitten by him so deeply that she had made him her 1st priority. but little did she know he was a "player",I guess she wanted to be loved,so the void inside her heart could be filled. he broke her heart,and elle went through life wanting to break every guy's heart. she dated different guys and left them all heartbroken,but deep down she was hurting herself without realizing. Elle has not found true love till to this day!
brokenheartedgirl24 brokenheartedgirl24
May 21, 2012