My First Time Being The *****

My X loved anal she loved my fingers, whole fist, tounge, and ****. When we had sex we always finished with anal. After a night of some hot sex the next morning we're fooling around and she comes out with we should get me a strap-on and I could do you. I was like ah on. I mean she would finger me when she would blow and that was great but something bigger than her finger? Naw. So I didn't think much more about it. Well from then on everytime I was bent over doing something around the house she would playfully come up behind me grab me by the hips and act like she was doing me. Well after almost a year of her hinting and bringing it up now and then I gave in and bought her one. So one night after a party and some liquid courage we get home and in bed fooling around I eat her box until she squirted all in my mouth and all over my face (that's right she was a squirter) I gulped it down and licked her clean. Then she says ok it's my turn she gets her **** out and is buckling it up and has the hottest naughty liitle grin on her face then while she adjusting it she tells me ok roll over you get to be my ***** tonight. She lubes me up good the lubed her **** then mounted me and slowly pushed in. Once she started pumping it felt amazing. I was so hard I could have pounded a brick wall! After a while she stops and tells me move down to the corner of the bed on me back then move in between my legs puts my legs over her shoulders and slid back in me while she was pumping me she reached sown and started stroking me it was great. Seeing her standing there pumping me with a grin on her face it didn't take long and I was there it was the most intense ****** I ever had I came so hard and so much I didn't think I ws gonna stop there was so much *** I could have probably filled a gallon bucket. It was all over me and all over her **** and stomach. Needless to say I was hooked from there on! Anytime she hinted about it I was bent over and ready for her LOL.
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

Lucky man. Not many girls would take the step. Although after all if you **** her in the bum why shouldn't she **** you too.

Sounds like heaven!

I know the feeling but usally I have to ask for it. Your lucky!!! 6Have fun.!!!!