Saturday "play" Date

I'm hoping to have some fun Saturday. I start by playing with my anal starter(have to use it;I just recently started again). Then I move onto my beads. They feel so damn good when I pull them one by one, taking my time. Then I move onto my vibrator. I usually toy with that for about 30 minutes until I'm ready for my large plug. Then I wear that until I get horny again and I rub one out with it in. My next goal is to work my way up until I can wear the plug comfortably and then it's on to bigger toys!
HornyStoner89 HornyStoner89
22-25, M
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Hommax- yes. I'd like to get back to when I cud play with my big double ***** and get new, bigger toys.

My biggest toy is my *****/vibrator that 8" long 2.5" wide

do you want to open more ?