Freshman In College

When I was about 15 or so, I idolized a guy that lived down the street from me. This guy had slept with so many girls, I had lost count. He was like the Quagmire of my neighborhood. One evening he was discussing with all of us other neighborhood teens about how his latest girlfriend slipped her finger up his *** while giving him a blow job, and how amazing it felt! Well, that night while performing my daily ritual of jacking off in the shower, I lube up my index left index finger with soap and went exploring around my own *******. I slowly slid the tip in until my first knuckle bumped against my prostate. Oh wow! I couldn't believe how good it felt. I'm in no way attracted to men, but my *** likes to be touched! Over the next few years, I kept my anal play to myself. It was usually my finger, but I experimented with insertion on a couple of occasions. Nothing real big, a skinny broom handle one time, and a carrot another. Then I dated this one girl...

My first year of college I was in a study group with a couple of young women. I say "young women" because they were both 5-6 years older than I was at the time. One was married, but the other was a thin, tall, and single blond. One night after our study group departed, she paged me (kind of dates me, huh?) around midnight. i called her back expecting her to talk about our homework, but she instead started talking about herself; her likes and dislikes, etc. Somewhere around 2 a.m. the conversation turned to sex. I asked her if she ever ***********, and she said "yes." Well, that got me instantly hard and I whipped out my **** and started playing with it. I next asked if she'd touched herself often, and she said "no." I then asked if it had been the last year, "yes." The last month? "Yes." The last week? "Yes." Today?? "Yes." I then had to ask, "are you touching yourself...right now?!"

"Uh huh, UH HUH! Uhn uhn...are you?"

"Of course. I've *********** every night since class started just thinking about you!" We continued to talk dirty about all the things we would do to each other if we were together at that moment. She then told me how she would suck my **** until I came and asked if I preferred for a girl to spit or swallow. I replied, "Spit, swallow, share, what do I care, I would have just gotten my **** sucked!"

"Share? Did you just say 'share'?" I confirmed that I did, and she must have really liked that thought because she had an ear piercing ****** into the phone.

So, a few nights later, after study group, I stayed behind after the other woman left. Blondie and I started messing around on the couch, kissing and what not. As we made out, we slowly disrobed each other. Once we were naked, we moved things to her bedroom. I laid on my back, and she kissed her way down my torso to my crotch. She began kissing on my ****, and stroking it. Then she took me as far into her mouth as she could and sucked so hard it hurt. I tensed up and cringed enough to let her know that was NOT pleasant. She let up off my **** and began kissing my shaft down to my balls. She tongued my sack while she stroked me. Then sh pushed my legs up towards my chest to get better access to my scrotum, or at least that's what I thought at the time. I lifted my knees to my chest, and she proceeded to spread my *** cheeks apart as her tongue traced its way from my sack to my *******. As her tongue gently teased my little puckered hole, my **** pulsed and dripped pre-*** all over my stomach. Oh man did it feel good!

After a few minutes of anal play, she went back to up to my super sloppy ****. She took some of my pre-*** on one of her fingers and then used it to play with my *** some more while her mouth went to town on my ****. I was squirming with pleasure, and trying not to choke her while I bucked my hips and ****** her face. It didn't take long before I was tapping her on the shoulder to let her know I was close. She pulled her mouth back so that her lips where just barely around my sensitive tip. She pumped my shaft with her hand while french kissing the head of my ****. Within seconds, I was filling her mouth with what was probably the biggest load I had ever shot up to that point. She kept her mouth on me until she had drained every drop from my balls.

I laid there sprawled out on her bed, arms out stretched to either side, utterly exhausted. She kissed her way back up my body, up my neck, and finally my mouth where she planted the deepest, most passionate, open mouth kiss I had ever been given. She shoved her tongue deep into my mouth, and as her tongue encircled mine, my entire load was transferred from her mouth to mine. I'll never forget that woman and the things she helped me experience. We had a few more times together, but none with anything nearly so naughty. Nope, that was a special night in my sexual realization; one that can never be replaced.
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What an amazing sexual experience

Great story but my guess is that it was an experience that still really can't be put into words.

Wow, that sounds like my kinda girl!