Love To Receive Anal Play

I love my *** hole to be played with I'am not gay or bi ,I just love the feeling of a tongue ,finger ,or anything being put in my *** it also gets me very hard and makes me *** alot,even had my first multable ****** when i was getting a rim job from my wife one time,didn't know men could *** more then one time,until she buried her tongue so deep into my ***,it was awesome,anal beads i like too,have a medium size set,i've had them all up my *** many times when having sex,almoht blew my wifes head off once when she was giving me head i stuffed them up my *** then just before i came i pulled them out,i shot so much *** out of my **** that it gaged her,there was *** all over the inside of that tent
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

A man's *** is best way to get him hard and keep him hard. He is going to *** but it usually stays hard if his prostate keeps getting massaged.

*** playing is great!

Ohhhh love to slide my tongue under your balls to your ******* as I stroke u