Introduced to Gay Sex By Girlfriend

While i going out with this girlfriend i had in my mid-late teens to my 20th birthday, we used to experiement. One day Natalie said, just after i ****** her in the ***,"my turn" So she goes into her closet and straps on a strap-on, she was rubbing her *** cheeks. "Ok" i said hestitantly. I did have anal sex with a friend when i was 13 but that was years ago.

So here she is rubbing my own *** into my own ******* and also rubbing lube into it. Then she slowly inserts her strap-on, inching inside me, until she thrusts or slips forward and bottoms out inside my ***. She just waited there inside my ***, rubbing the back of my head.

Then without warning she pulled almost out, and slammed back inside repeated this until she worked out a rhythm. I started feeling a tingling sensation and at first i was in pain, but started liking it. Eventually rocking in rythym with her thrusts. Here i was on the edge of her bed, starting to moan as we both moved in motion like a piston in a car.

She kept telling me "you like that dont you, telling me how much you like it honey". I was moaning to her "i love it, oh it feels so good".

This went on for about 5-10 minutes, until without warning, i sprayed my **** on the side of our bed without even touching my ****. She said still slowly grinding inside my ***, "Oh honey i know you liked it but i didn't know you liked it that much" She giggled.

When she pulled out, i rolled onto the floor and said something like "That was awesome". She said "I know" and leaned down and kissed me and i rubbed her strap-on while doing so. She sid looked at me and looked at what i was doing, and smirked. She then told me to suck on her strap-on, which i did, while she jack me off until i sprayed **** onto myself.

She would get me to suck on her strap-on and then **** me with it, every sunday night after i gave ****** her for the next 6-8 months. And then i would suck on her strap-on while she slow jacked me off. I always looked forward to sundays.

Then one sunday after she'd finished ******* me, she said "i'd like to see you take a real one, one day". I was still horny and said,"I'm game".

So we agreed that next sunday week we'd look for another fellow, to join us. It happened to be a school friend of her's. He was gay, but was an old boyfriend of her's, so there was no tension as she invited him over.

Sunday came he came over.

We had a few wines to relax us. Then before tea we all got naked and sat chatting, i couldnt stop looking at his **** and he knew, so did my girlfriend.

"Ok lets get things started" she said to us. We smiled at her.

So he started to feel my **** with his hands, i felt still nervoius. "You can touch mine if you want" he said. I did and started to slowly stroke it. Natalie then interupted us, and knelt down between us and started to suck on both our **** in turn for a minute each. "Ok boys i to see you **** him in the ***" She said to Robert about me.

Then Robert stood up and i got on all fours. Robert spat and rubbed saliva on my *** and slowly but gentle rubbed it inside of me. While i kissed Natalie. My **** grew intensely hard from all this. He did as Natalie had done with her strap-on,inched his was in until bottoming and just resting for about a minute. I was lost to all of this as i kissed Natalie, and boy did i feel real horny now. I could feel his **** throbbing inside my ******* and it was a great feeling.

Then he began to slowly thrust in and out, until i pick the tempo up and rock with each thrust, while kissing Natalie's breast as she rubbed my hair.

I was moaning from this and biting into her nipples until she pulled me away from them. i hadn't realised that i had already blow my load on the flow, while he still pounded my ***. After what seemed an hour, was only about 10-15minutes, he climaxed inside me with one big forward thrust deep. I feel into Natalies breasts and body. Almost collapsing, and saying "that was ******* good". He pulled out and said, "Jobs not done, clean my **** with your mouth". Which i hestitantly done for about a minute.

This went on for another 3 months of sundays, and towards the end Robert would bring a friend (who also was gay or bi over) and we'd have 3some and 4some with Natalie. Until it was just us boys, as Natalie started going out on sundays with her girlfriends. I became a decent ********** and *** ***** by then.

Until one day Natalie brought over her news to me new boyfriend, while i was entertaining Robert and 3 of his friends in the lounge on all fours and naked.

She said, "I'm leaving u!" There wasnt much i could say as i was in the grips of esctacy, with a **** in my mouth and a **** sucking my **** and a **** in my ***.

We spoke later about why, and she was thinking about leaving even before i was introduced to Robert. She always thought i like men, but only wanted to see how much, she told me.


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The best would be her laying down with her legs spread ,me on all fours eating her ***** and a nice **** deep in my *** .I would be getting *** in my *** and ***** *** in my mouth.

dat story got me hard, but man She got a new boy<br />
Id kill dat *****

dat story got me hard, but man She got a new boy<br />
Id kill dat *****

That is sad. I am scared my wife thinks I want to be with another person male or female. I DO NOT. I just want her and her only.

I'm not gay, but if my girlfriend encouraged that, I'd be game too. Esecially if she got involved too!

I'm not gay, but if my girlfriend encouraged that, I'd be game too. Esecially if she got involved too!

Oh my god that was so ****** awesome...<br />
peterluv2toss, taat is my fantasy totally... I so bad want my wife to **** me in the butt, and see how much I like it and then tease ame about wanting a real one, and going through with it. WOW... I 2 was hard while I read this......encore...encore....

if only one deposit rarely get leakage, but have a few and your hole stretches awesome tingling leakage. Sometimes you get so turned on, you can't hold it in, i even now in the odd times i get anal sometime still blow my load. Clean them up is my equivelant to kissing a girl passionately after sex. Which i don't do to men.

i got hard just reading about it. i want so much to try a real one where he doesn't stop until he **** inside. do you feel it leaking out after??? that would be great and to clean him after is great. i don't think i want to *** also. i want to stay horny for more