Amazing experience... all men should try it, in fact is defined the real man g spot.
I discovered it by myself from when i was about 18, watching a po.n movie and a scene with a girl fu.k a man in him as. with a nice *****!
I got hard and curious about, so i tried by myself (after well cleaned inside with water), first with one finger then more... i had a so big ****** that can't make comparison with "normal" one!
So i continue exploring this world and giving me that pleasure more and more deep and strong, using more fingers, using toys, vegetables, etc... as i liked so much both the pressure on the prostate and both the fu.k.
I said to my girl that i really love this awesome pleasure and feelings, so sometimes she put 1-2 fingers inside my as. while we have sex, but she sitll didn't reached prostate... one time she also fuc.ed me with a vibrator ***** in 69 position, was the best!
simbian simbian
31-35, M
Aug 12, 2010